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Google Shopping Feed for Magento allows you to supply Google with highly relevant data in the most efficient way possible. We haven't settled for just making a feed that will "pass", we provide the tool-set for you to dominate Google Shopping results.

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Due to the popularity of our install and configure options we are currently experiencing up to a 2 week delay in new setups.

Getting your products well positioned in Google Merchant Center can make Google Shopping your #1 sales channel.

Google Shopping Feed for Magento allows you to supply Google with highly relevant data in the most efficient way possible. We haven't settled for just making a feed that will "pass", we provide the tool-set for you to dominate Google Shopping results.

The features of this extension have been driven by an internet marketing expert, and our customers. The main goal is to product feed data that is exactly what Google wants. Please review our current documentation as well as the Version History tab below to see some our our latest developments.

If you sell Apparel and define all your sizes and colors as custom product options and not Configurable products with Associated Simple Products, our extension will not work properly for you.

Supported Magento Versions: Enterprise 1.9.2 - 1.14.x, Community 1.4.2 - 1.9.x

During installation and configuration, if you run into anything that does not work according to our documentation, please open up a support case at and we'll be sure to resolve it.

Version 1.5.19
  • IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTE: changed default feed storage path to [path to magento]/media/feeds/ ... upgrade customers who do not have a directory specified in settings -> Feed path of the extension config will have their feeds moved from var/rw_google_base to media/feeds. To keep your feed in var/rw_google_base please put var/rw_google_base in the Feed path field
  • add support for organicinternet/magento-configurable-simple extension
  • create price ranges and apply labels to them. To be used with 'Adwords Price Buckets' directive in column map.
  • add support for new locales / languages, da-DK, tr-TR
  • fix, map additional image link for configurable and grouped follow same logic as image link, depends on the associated products mapping mode switch.
  • add support for bundle with dynamic weight
  • fix store domain in additional image link
  • fix product url directive function when the column is different than "link"
  • change default of "Apply Catalog Price Rules" to Yes
Version 1.5.18
  • Removed the Manufacturer / Brand directive to use a direct attribute code in the column map. Older versions are been automatically updated in the config so that it uses the new setup.
  • Moved Adwords mapping to Directives so that any column name can be mapped to them.
  • Changed fallback logic of mapping attributes to: Attribute Value > By Category setting > Static Value
  • Add directive "Identifier Exists" for automatic detection of it's value based on brand, mpn and gtin values.
  • Add directive "Parent Product Id" to replace the old "Apparel - Item Group Id", so that the same output can be used for all products not just apparel
  • Add option to replace column empty values with Static Values as part of the Replace Empty function
  • Fix apparel identification to include replace empty values rules
  • Fix support for UK feed colour column
  • Fix segmentation fault errors on grouped products when trying to get associated items
  • Fix category separator in Product Type using Magento Category directive
  • Fix map by category matching to use the "order" values in the logic.
  • Add Norwegian language in the Locale dropdown
  • Fix category order in the output of Product Type by Magento Category directive.
  • Cleanup hasSpecialPrice method to remove the dependency on special_price_start_date.
  • Make sale_price_effective_date empty of the special price start date is empty.
  • Filter out categories from other stores when getting category tree in the"Product Type using Magento Category" directive.
  • Fix replace empty for configurable apparel item
  • Fix error on creating the lock file path
  • Fix google category mapping - product attribute overwrites value from by category
  • Fix filtering out out of stock items for configurable / apparel
Version 1.5.17
  • Merge Apparel variant & non-variant settings together
  • Fix malformed feeds when multiple scripts are running the same store at the same time
  • Block unintended overwrite of the in-progress batch run
  • Implement all "by Category" parent matching
  • Fix select attribute values to relay on proper store is provided
  • Fix _segfault_ errors cause by memory release methods
  • Fix configurable price inconsistency
  • Fix mixing selected store data with default store data, also errors like "Store with code 'default' doesn't exists." when the store code is not "default"
  • Configurable gets out of stock if all of associated are out of stock
  • Fix sale_price for apparel items having catalog promotion rule setup
  • Fix configurable pricing to follow the magento frontend pricing
  • Fix variant columns (color, size, ..) values merge causing the configurable parent to get empty values for these columns when in configurable only mode
Version 1.5.16
  • Added Find and Replace feature (beta)
  • Associated product rating information is wired to the parent rating information
  • Update supported languages and countries Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden
  • Remove currency column and directive
  • Append store currency code to prices per Google's new spec
  • Added support for AheadWorks subscription product types
  • Added support for Toybanana_ExtImages extension images.
  • Fix simple products been skipped when are part of grouped or configurable from another store
  • Fix apparel pricing when no price is configured by variable attribute and needs to fallback on associated base price to exclude discounts
  • Fix configurable / apparel pricing setup with option price to match values by product and website
  • Fix missing value of variant apparel attribute with the size attribute.
  • Variant attributes are now filled in for all variant apparels, not just for Clothing and Shoes
  • Adding the "Inventory Count" directive intended to map over legacy 'quantity' column. Quantity Mode option determines the logic applied for parent items.
  • Map size and color apparel directives also for non-apparel and merge all associated values for size and color into the configurable item value.
  • Fix blank configuration screen on instances with broken category setup.
Version 1.5.15
  • add Auto Skip Products yes/no to allow a feed to be generated with all, not manually skipped products even if some do not contain valid information
  • add support for apparel feeds in Czech, Germany, France, Japan and Russia
  • associated products - Form unique urls for not visible associated products ... add option to apparel products, add option to automatically select attribute values on page load
  • apparel, change US Feed yes/no to "Allow Apparel without Color or Size" yes/no
  • when images exist for associated child products, make sure they are used rather than the configurable
  • under Allow Apparel without Color or Size add optional text boxes to fill in default color and size
  • add links to local specific taxonomies and additional info about specific feed columns to documentation
  • allow product type and adwords by category fields to descend the category tree like google category does currently
  • allow feed to use product's category image for the image link
  • replace empty values not working properly
  • remove payment_accepted and Payments Accepted multi select box ... this is no longer in the google shopping spec
  • out of stock filter no longer relying on price index
  • set default for Weight Unit of Measurement to pounds
  • change "TTL" to "Days from Today that Feed Will Expire"
  • do not add expiration_date column by default as this is no longer required and Google will default to 30 days
  • set default value of "Add to Product URL" to "?utm_source=google_shopping"
  • fix fatal error incase Magento required php extension mbstring is not installed
  • change inline help references of "?utm_source=froogle" to "?utm_source=google_shopping"
  • fix Warning: Missing argument 1 for Mage_Core_Model_Abstract::load()
Version 1.5.14
  • add "Use My Categories" button for Product Type by Category
  • add button to copy "Google Product Category by Category" to other "by Category" options.
  • fix applied for occasional missing product url in multistore setup / categories assigned to product.
  • removed the store_code parameter from URLs in mapDirectiveUrl
  • fix pickup wrong store (default) when feed is generated with the store context.
  • Google Product Category by Category values set for a parent category will now match all subcategories by default.
  • add Product Type using Magento Category directive for product type.
  • added the possibility to omit some categories from the "Product Type using Magento Category" directive by specifying words matching the target categories
  • added es_ES and it_IT to locale / apparel matching
  • set "Log skip products messages" to yes by default on a new install
  • remove "Experimental" from batch segmentation
  • change extension name in admin to Google Shopping Feed
  • fix multi store environment, secondary store adds images with primary store hostname as additional images
  • change Quick Start Advanced Documentation Apparel Documentation to just Extension Documentation at top of extension
  • allow static values set in "by Category" functions for parent categories that don't have any products assigned to apply to all products in their child categories
  • Add Support for manufacturer values supplied in the aheadWorks Shop By Brand extension
  • update Generate Feed button to access correct store code variable
Version 1.5.13
  • updated shipment format to US::ShippingRate:5.00
  • fix error on mapping product attributes which where not defined as attributes in column map.
  • adding static value directive
  • improved configurable overwrite attribute
  • fixed truncating characters in multistore sufix product ID
  • improved shipping table rates format
  • added review directives: Product Review Count & Product Review Average
  • fix disabled product filter for early version 1.4.x
  • add catalog only visible products to feed
  • fix apparel attribute wrong values for gender, color, size when multiple are matched with values as part of this set.
  • memory performance and leak improvements
  • fix weight doubled measure symbol for configurable
  • added script in shell directory where additional options can be set to run the feed manually on the command line including allowing more memory than is normally available to Magento
Version 1.5.12
  • Fix EE Fatal error: Call to undefined method Mage_Bundle_Model_Product_Price::getTotalPrices() in /Model/Map/Product/Bundle.php on line 43
  • Added switch for international versions of Google Shopping Feed. Currently useful for apparel and installment payments for Brazil
  • Added configurable overwrite attributes - will use in feed the configurable parent values for apparel products with variants - set apparel triggers.
  • Added Adwords feed columns support: adwords_grouping, adwords_labels, adwords_redirect.
  • Fix some warning errors in Log class.
Version 1.5.11
  • Skip product if type is not supported

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  • From Rene at 9/15/14 7:54 AM
    • Is it possible to exclude deaktivated (field status in backend) products from feed export?
    • Yes, deactivated products are always excluded from the feed export. Google requires that an active url is available for each product. Since deactivated product urls would result in a 404, these products would always result in an error.
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  • From AndrĂ© Zaleschi at 9/2/14 4:17 PM
    • How do I map only a specific category in my magento store?
    • You can either update the skip from feed submission product level attribute to disable adding of all products except those in the category you want. Or you can configure the feed to skip products that are contained in all the other categories ... if you have products in multiple categories though then some of those would be skipped.
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  • From Monica at 8/21/14 3:34 PM
    • We've used your product for a few months now, and we like it.

      Though, do you have an update to accomodate the new Google Shopping requirements?

      I don't see a way to add custom labels to this as it is.

      Thank You,

    • Yes, nearly any version of Google Shopping Feed can accommodate the new Google Shopping requirements.

      We do not add custom label fields by default (for now) because many countries do not require this.

      To add any new field to your feed first identify the new column product attribute that stores the data for each product that will be in the feed. If you do not have

      This link will assist you in creating new attributes if you do not have experience with that:

      Now in the extension configuration, find the Feed Columns section at the bottom of the grid and click the Add Column button. See this link for a screen shot:

      A new row will appear in the grid where you can specify the column name in the first column like custom_label_0.

      In the second column you can look for the name of the attribute you identified or created earlier. Save the extension settings and try the Test Feed Now button with the Offset at 0 and Limit at 100 to generate a test feed based on the first 100 skus in your store.

      You should see a new column that shows the values stored in each product for that specific attribute.

      See the Custom Label Attributes for Shopping Campaigns section here for more detail about Google's specific requirements:
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  • From Wilson at 8/10/14 9:58 PM
    • Where do I edit the price that gets generated for the "sale_price" field for the google feed? The special price is a fixed % and it is picking it up incorrectly. For example we enter "80%" which means the special price is 80% of the RRP. It is picking it up as 80% off, where it should only be 20% off.

      Can you tell me where to fix this?
    • The sale price field points to the Special Price attribute in the Prices tab of a product in the Magento admin. Versions of this extension prior to 1.5.19 may require the setting of the Special Price From and To fields as well. As of 1.5.19 the from and to dates are set automatically if they are not filled in.
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  • From kevin H. at 8/2/14 5:58 PM
    • Will this extension work with magento
    • Yes this works with We will update Magento Connect and our product page with this info.

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  • From Jonas at 7/30/14 10:28 AM
    • We have a few (digital) products available on our site that are not in Magento as we use a different system to process the orders. Is it possible to add these to the feed manually? Ideal would be either creating a list in the extension or uploading a fully correctly formatted csv into the extension which will then be attached to the list sent to Google...
    • You can configure Google to fetch multiple feed files, each on their own schedule. So you can have your automated feed being picked up by Google daily and then have this new manual feed picked up monthly or however often you edit it.

      To get started you can download your automated feed, remove the products and add the new ones. Save the file with a different name and upload it to your server. Then repeat the feed submission process for the new file:
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  • From Paul at 7/25/14 5:02 AM
    • Hi. I naturally have a development and production environment. Does a single license purchase allow me to install your plugin in both of them considering the only 'commercial' machine is the production one?
    • Yes, the license is valid for the live environment and all development environments you may have. I'm glad to hear you have a development environment. Unfortunately the large majority of stores do not!
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  • From Josh at 7/14/14 8:54 AM
    • We have been running your Google Shopping feed extension for about 6 months now and have been very, very happy. We have ours set up to build our feed once a week. This past week it only generated a feed for about a third of our products and we can't seem to figure out why? Any ideas? It performs exactly the same when we try to run it manually (we changed the button_max_products to allow us to do this). I can send a screen capture if it would help.

      Thank you for your time and a great product,

    • Do you see a log file created for the extension under var/log? This should give some additional details about what has changed and hopefully some verbose information about the problem. The newest information will be at the bottom of this file and each line should be preceded with the date and time so you can identify the log info from when the change occurred.

      Feel free to contact us at our help desk for further help if the info you find in the logs isn't clear:
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  • From Darren at 7/11/14 9:14 AM
    • Hi,

      Does the latest version of this plugin support the latest google shopping feed API that was announced in June (v 2.0?)


    • Our extension does not use the API but rather generates a text file on your server which Google can fetch on a regular basis. Google Shopping for Magento does meet the latest specifications from Google for data quality and we constantly keep up with that.
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  • From TM at 7/7/14 10:55 AM
    • Hi, we installed the plugin on a client site & we're having some issues getting it to map the google product type properly & export all the products. I setup the google product category fine (235 categories) but when I try and map the product type, it always cuts off @ 58 categories when I save the config. I used the "Copy Google Product Category by Category" button to populate all the categories & then the "Use My Categories" to label them accordingly. At first, all 235 categories are in there, but every time I save config, it ends up cutting off @ the 58th category. Not sure why it does that or how to fix.

      Also, I changed the config.xml to allow me to generate the feed on demand, but it's still only pulling approx 2500 of the client's 7000+ products.

      Please note I am not a dev & my coding is somewhat limited.

      Any insight is greatly appreciated.
    • If new "by Category" assignments are not saving, php needs to be tweaked a bit and you will likely need to increase values for the php settings:

      max_input_vars and maybe post_max_size

      If you put a file on your web server like info.php and put in the contents:




      then browse to this file, you should see the settings for these variables. It should be fine to double or triple both values. You'll likely need to set those in your php.ini file on your server. Your hosting company will be able to assist with these settings.

      It's also possible that you're using Suhosin which is a hardened version of php. This has additional variables that would need to be tweaked. I think the defaults are:

      suhosin.request.max_vars = 1000 = 1000

      again, doubling or tripling should be fine.

      Here's a post on the web that goes into more detail:


      For products that aren't showing up in the feed, this extension will skip products that likely have bad product data google would not accept. For example, if a product has a price of 0, we skip that as Google would never accept it.

      To see reasons for why individual SKUs are being skipped make sure under the Settings tab that "Log skip products messages" is set to Yes and then look on your file system under [MAGENTO_ROOT]/var/log/google_base_feed_[STORE_CODE].log

      This log file will show information about how your feed is being built and why products are skipped. If you do not see this file, you may have logging disabled. In that case set "Force Logging" to Yes and regenerate your feed.

      Also look at "Auto Skip Products" setting.

      By default this feature is set to "Yes", meaning products that do not meet Google feed data requirements will be skipped. Setting it to "No" will force products to be added to the feed, but will still skip products matching the "Skip by Category" setting or if the product is specifically set to be skipped in the product attributes. Setting this to "No" and opening the feed output in a program like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs can help you identify missing info in your product data.


      For fastest support in the future, please use our help desk at to get connected with one of our developers.

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